Sustainability Mindshift

Prepare to blow up your old mental models and experience a sustainability mindshift of your own...

Welcome to Season One of our vodcast / podcast series!

In this series, we gather practitioners, world leading experts and thought leaders to look specifically at how business leaders can help solve today’s environmental and social challenges AND transform their companies into thriving future-fit organizations. To that end, we will be looking specifically at the human development side of the equation, and explore the ‘inner’ development work (including mindset shifts) that is essential for success.

Video / audio (vodcast) episodes here:

Episode description

Ep. 1 Giles Hutchins…In this episode, we speak with Giles about how business leaders can create the conditions for a healthy, resilient and regenerative world AND set their organizations up for long-term success by leveraging principles of regeneration. We discuss how leaders can sense into their own life’s purpose, to become more fully conscious, and transform their companies into vibrant future-fit living organizations. We also explore Giles’ own ‘inner’ journey of transformation from an international management consultant and global sustainability executive to his current practice as a keynote speaker, advisor and executive coach at the forefront of the [r]evolution in organizational and leadership consciousness and development.

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Audio-only episodes (podcast) here:

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What is a Sustainability Mindshift?

The process an individual or organization goes through as it develops new sustainability wisdom and context – a lens through which to see and relate to the world – on their journey of transformation toward a sustainable future.

The development of new sustainable mental models which guide decision-making about how to operate, communicate, and collaborate with key stakeholders to maximize shared value and minimize negative impacts.

A way to accelerate the development of key sustainability leadership skills and capabilities, and to align culture for more effective and sustainable business scale, impact and results.


The Sustainability Mindshift Webcast / Podcast will regularly seek to answer:

  • Why is business essential to solving today’s greatest environmental and social challenges?
  • Why is sustainability leadership and human development essential for sustainable business transformation?
  • What skills and capabilities are critical for effective sustainability leadership?
  • What methodologies are successfully accelerating sustainability mindshifts for greater scale, impact and results?


Community of Practice – Guest Speakers include:

Experts, thought leaders, and practitioners discussing how they are contributing to the growing field of sustainability leadership and human capital development, and where they see the greatest opportunities and challenges to what lies ahead. Guests will represent a variety of industries, practice areas and fields; including the following:

  • Systems Thinking & Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Behavioral and Positive Psychology
  • Experiential Learning
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Biomimicry
  • Climate Science
  • Business Management
  • Culture / Purpose
  • And more!


Dimensions for discussion:

  • Experiential Learning solutions providers showcasing their sustainability mindshifting methodologies and how they have worked with clients to help teach critical skills for sustainability leadership and human capital development
  • Corporate leaders talking about a sustainability mindshifting experience of their own and how it has positively impacted their ability to develop themselves and lead their organization toward a sustainable future
  • Sustainability and HR practitioners / consultants sharing their insights and best practices from where they sit at the intersection of sustainability and leadership / human capital development
  • And more!


Our Objectives — We hope to:

  • inspire listeners through story and shared experiences
  • influence companies to think more strategically about sustainability leadership and human development as a core part of their business strategy
  • build momentum in this field toward more research, dialogue, and investment in sustainability leadership and human development
  • shed light on some areas of expertise, thought leadership, and valuable solutions available on the market today


Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a future guest.