Sustainability Mindshift

Cohort 2: Overview

We are honored and excited to welcome Cohort 2 to the first season of #SustainabilityMindshift podcast series.

In the spirit of the upcoming COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, we will be addressing the key question of:

How do we get to the level of ambition and action (beyond the “blah blah blah”, as climate activist Greta Thunberg famously quoted) that is needed for transforming ourselves and our world, before time runs out?

Our esteemed guests will share their perspectives and examples of the work they are doing to address this fundamental challenge, among others, and we will discuss the platforms they are using to advance personal and organizational transformation; including the use of experiential platforms for deeper faster learning and mindset-shifting outcomes.

Guests and episode release dates as follows: 

Ep. 6 Göran Gennvi (10/27) – Founder and CEO of the Nature Academy Learning Lab AB

Ep. 7 Laurel Patterson (11/3) – Director of SDG Integration at United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Ep. 8 Andrew Jones (11/10) – Co-Director at Climate Interactive

Ep. 9 Anna Birney (11/17) – Director of School of System Change and Global Director, Learning and Community at Forum for the Future

Ep. 10 Jeroen Janss (11/24) – Founder of the Inner Green Deal.

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