Sustainability Mindshift

Göran Gennvi

Göran Gennvi is Founder and CEO of the Nature Academy Learning Lab, based out of Stockholm Sweden, which guides management teams in the process of transformation. His programs provide leaders with a chance to retreat, reflect, and engage in learning and dialogue for more effective and sustainable decision making; using nature as an experiential learning teacher and classroom for faster and deeper learning. They are based on more than 30 years of experience and research primarily from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Society for Organizational Learning, as well as Indigenous wisdom; and they combine modern management theory with systems thinking that is grounded in ecological principles, as well as organizational and human development methodologies.

Goran has worked as an executive strategic consultant with leading Swedish firms; pulling together his expertise in sustainability, organizational learning, strategic management, systems thinking, and transformative leadership development. He also currently serves as an advisor to many forward thinking organizations such as the (Telbarg) Tallberg Foundation and (Eekquaret) Eskaret Foundation.