Sustainability Mindshift

Cohort 1: Overview

We are excited to announce the September 22 launch of our new Sustainability Mindshift webcast series with our premier cohort of guest speakers. Starting 9/22, we will release a new episode every Wednesday for 25 weeks.

This webcast series gathers practitioners, world leading experts, and thought leaders who are passionate about sustainable business transformation through leadership and human development. We explore what it takes to be a sustainability leader today; specifically, the skills, capabilities, and (most importantly) the mindsets that are essential for success. We also explore a variety of experiential learning methodologies to accelerate sustainability and regenerative leadership transformation for greater scale, impact and results…before it’s too late!

It is an honor to welcome the following esteemed guest speakers to Cohort 1 to discuss these questions, and more…

Ep. 1 Giles Hutchins (9/22) – How can business leaders use principles of Regenerative Leadership to reconnect and align with life and to transform themselves and their businesses for success?

Ep. 2 Isabel Rimanoczy (9/29) – What is a Sustainable Mindset and how does developing this mindset help leaders accelerate sustainable business results?

Ep. 3 Kurt Harrison (10/6) – How can companies identify existing and emerging leaders who demonstrate sustainable leadership capabilities and how can they build these capabilities into succession planning, talent development, and recruitment processes?

Ep. 4 Samantha Svoboda (10/13) – How can companies help their leaders quickly develop sustainability mindsets and skills using immersive business simulations like The Green Business Lab?

Ep. 5 Zoë Arden (10/20) – Why are experiential learning and ‘storybeing’ essential tools for leadership scale and impact today, and how can truthful stories powerfully told drive transformational change?

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