Sustainability Mindshift

Isabel Rimanoczy

Isabel Rimanoczy is an academic, author, teacher, leadership and team coach, and a strategic sustainability adviser who has made it her life purpose to promote *change accelerators*. Isabel is a world-leading expert and pioneer in the Sustainability Mindset, a concept she developed and has been studying for over 15 years. It all started with her quest to understand what inspired business leaders to champion corporate initiatives that have positive impacts on the environment and the community. She wanted to know what it was that made these leaders act in ‘Business-As-UNusual’ ways.

Isabel is the author of fifteen books, including her most recent book entitled, “The Sustainability Mindset Principles: A guide to developing a mindset for a better world” and is preparing to launch the world’s first Sustainability Mindset Indicator which is a personal development tool designed to assess where we are in our own sustainable mindset journey.

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