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Sonja Klopčič

Sonja Klopčič is a leadership expert, innovator, entrepreneur, and author of several books including “The AEIOU of Leadership: Five Approaches to Leadership for Tomorrow”.

An engineer by training, Sonja is currently an independent business consultant who specializes in leadership development for conscious organizations. She is also a mentor and coach to leaders, executives, and managers, and founder of the Global Community of AEIOU Leaders whose mission is to support leaders who lead from love, purpose and inspiration in order to create prosperity for all.

In the past, Sonja has created and managed several companies in Slovenia in multiple fields of business, and she has been recognized with many industry awards in both entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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You can also explore how she has worked with organizations in Slovenia along with best practices from the DUMO wheel (four stages of evolution) in her other book “The Energy Inside Leadership: Stories of Collaboration and Change from the Heart of Europe”