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Patricia Albere

Patricia Albere is an internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author of “Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Mutual Awakening.”

She is a recognized leader and innovator in the emerging field of ‘inter-subjective awakening’ and ‘post-personal development.’ Patricia is also founder of the Evolutionary Collective: a global community of innovators, pioneers and WEvolutionaries committed to exploring the highest potentials for human consciousness, culture and spiritual development through mutual awakening.

She has worked with over 200,000 people teaching about consciousness. One of her most popular offerings is a 4-week class that takes people into a state of mutual awakening along with experienced teachers from around the world.

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****Patricia is generously offering listeners a complimentary Mutual Awakening e-Course which includes a starter kit on the first 4 chapters of her bestselling book, practical exercises, and additional insights.****